Friday, December 23, 2011

Good Things are Happening in Cleveland

Vinyl is enjoying a resurgence.  Many new bands are producing their albums on vinyl records, and a lot of the classics are being remastered.  Of course, vinyl never lost its popularity among pro-analog audiophiles.  So whether you are new to vinyl, or a die hard vinyl fan, you will be excited about the opening of this new store in Cleveland.
The store is being run by three of the coolest guys I know:  James, Kendall and Tony.  Tony is a long-time friend and is responsible for the vinyl section.  He's the most knowledgeable guy in Cleveland in the genres of 60s music, San Francisco music, sunshine pop and psychedelic. There's lots of other cool things in the store  too, including vintage clothing, jewelry, cameras and furniture to name a few.  Stop by to say hello, buy something unique for your pad or just hang out!  Hope to see you there!
I want these mod tiki-inspired cups.
That's my Beatles poster above the counter.  It's not for sale, but it's worth seeing it's so awesome.
Here's my gratuitous plug - that's my mid-century inspired painting in the background of the window.  It is for sale.  Also notice that mannequin - isn't it the coolest?  I want it!

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