Friday, July 18, 2008


It's Friday! I had an incredibly busy week at work, so had no time to blog or paint. I did draw and doodle a lot, though. I've filed notebooks full of creative ideas. I am so lucky that I never lack for ideas, only time. So what are my plans for the weekend? Why, to write, paint and take photos of course!

Recently I've been thinking a lot about green. See previous posts here and here. I already have orange and blue in my apartment, but these lovely vases from Crate and Barrel are making me rethink green. I adore them, I'd love to have all of them! They are reasonably priced too.

I have a couple of new objects to play with this weekend. What could be better?
Got this one for $3.00! It says Jonathan Adler on the bottom.

The glass vase from India is not new, but I think it looks adorable with my new incense burner and votive holder. The incense burner is also from India and has the same shiny finish as the vase. I was so excited when I saw it! A perfect match that happened by accident.

I have two very distinct color schemes going, orange/pink/yellow and turquoise/blue. Thinking of adding green. Whatever I decide, there will be lots of white, of course. I also seem to have two distinct styles. Scandinavian and Asian/Moroccan. I also hope that my place is Bohemian and modern. Ahh. Such happy dilemmas. Stay tuned.

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