Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saturday is for Creativity

Saturday. The day many Americans live for. This week was so busy at work, I had no time to create. But I am grateful for my job, and even though I am confined to a grey cubicle, I am never far from art. I always think about art, beauty and decor. I am fortunate to be in an office that honors art. My favorite part of the job is walking through the hallways where I can commune with the art.

Our office boasts several works by Viktor Schreckengost, lined up in one hallway. This is my favorite hallway, I walk through it slowly savoring the way Viktor does orange skies. And I wonder, could I ever paint an orange sky as lovely as he does?

Could I ever achieve that kind of beautiful precision? Each time I attempt precision, I fail. In the past I was hard on myself. Now I look at attempts at precision as lessons in letting go of perfectionism. Overly perfectionistic tendencies can cripple creativity. The journey is as important as the destination. But... I still dream of painting like Viktor.

All week long, I formulate ideas. I fill notebooks with doodles. So many ideas, I cannot keep up and I feel truly blessed by my creativity. I never want for ideas, only time.

I live my life as art. I am grateful, I feel so much love and I see beauty everywhere. Even in mundane objects.

I stared at these objects a long while the other day, marveling in the color. I was amazed at the design of the Bigelow green tea bag, logo designers never cease to amaze me. I think this bag would look cute rasterbated and hung along side my favorite logo design from Starbucks that I wrote about here. I love graphic type, and I am falling in love with yellow and chartreuse.

Today I am painting, there is no greater joy. It seems a sin to be inside on a day like this. But, the canvas is calling me. Canvas, a muse so alluring it cannot be ignored. I am not sure where this canvas is taking me. It has a mind of its own, I am merely the conduit.

Here is what I am listening to.

I bought this CD at Starbucks, I love that Starbucks saves me time when it comes to music. And I admit it - I bought it because I love the cover. Just look at those colors! Wow! I am falling in love with 70s style. My minimalist phase is over for a while. All white rooms with almost nothing in them still make me swoon - but I seem to be in the mood for color and stuff. I can see why people have more than one home!

Some lovely ladies from work invited me to join their crochet group. I haven't crocheted since I was a teenager - when I made an ugly purse for my mom that she used proudly until it fell apart. I'd like to make a rug. I love the idea of a large, round, orange rug.

Pattern from Craft Bits. Of course, then I'd have to paint my floors white. I would love to make doilies. But then I would need to take a pottery class, because I've always wanted to make vases with doily imprints.

Still obsessing about this candleholder from Urban Outfitters.

I was strangely drawn to peacock imagery this week.

I want to be a hippie. The world desperately needs hippies. Peacock feather earrings from Urban Outfitters. Peacock cup and saucer set from Wild Life Wonders.

I think Mr. Schreckengost would be surprised to see his work featured alongside peacock feather earrings. What can I say? That's just the way my mind works. One thing influences another. Who knows where the muse is taking me. Stay tuned to find out.

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