Thursday, October 2, 2014

People and Places to See in Akron

Dear readers, I've been preparing for a big move. Over the last month, I have been ruthlessly paring down my possessions. Along the way I discovered (or perhaps rediscovered is a better word) that possessions don't make me happy. Conversely, the more I created open space, the happier I felt. I crave freedom. Sorry, I digress, this is the topic of a future post.

So I've donated a ton of stuff - books, vases, shoes, purses, clothes, furniture to the Goodwill. One day I found I was down to my few favorite vases, so I thought I'd visit Land of Plenty to see if the owner would like to buy my vases.

Here is the lovely Kristi, owner of Land of Plenty, contemplating my vases. Normally I don't have any sentimental attachment to stuff, and can clear it out with ease. This was hard. Like I said these were my favorites. I had a lump in my throat as I looked at them on the counter. Don't they look pretty? To ease the pain, I took a look around the store. Kristi always keeps the inventory fresh by keeping her prices low. Every time I visit there is new stuff to see.  On this particular day she had some fabulous art by local artist Evona Dixon.

Evona stole my heart with her collected aesthetic. She explained to me that she instinctively uses zentangle in her work and that she uses prismacolors. The results are fabulous.

Here is the lovely Evona explaining her multimedia works. Evona is meticulous in her work and seeks to leave no white space on her canvases. I feel as if she and I are kindred spirits, I've collected many things over the years to make into collages. Collage is an art form that is not as easy as it looks, it's like a puzzle where many seemingly disparate objects are brought together to form a gestalt. After meeting Evona, I had to check my natural collector tendencies, I kept finding things I wanted to give her for future works!

Sorry for the quality of the pics, I took these with my phone.

Look at this meticulous drawing!  I adore it, I'm a big fan of cute little creatures. I could see many of her creatures produced by KidRobot. It's amazing how active her brain is. She explained to me that each creature is a character in a story that she tells her niece. I'd love to see Evona write children's books. I am amazed at the patience this work would require. I'm going to be following Evona's career, and you can too at her instagram page @nightofthelivingdread.

O.K. Peg, step away from the lamp. I had to quickly exit the store before I bought this lamp. Ya'll know that I am a lamp tramp. It wasn't easy. I had to remind myself that I am getting rid of stuff. Ahh, it's a sickness, getting rid of stuff, still looking at stuff.  Humans sure make beautiful things, don't they?

As I exited the store, I met N. William Tomlinson, owner of Venia Design. William recently opened a new store next to Land of Plenty.

As you can see, he's a real cutie. And he makes you feel very welcome in his store.

I fell in love with William's artwork, which he likes to incorporate in his design.

I love the ghostly nature of his work and his use of negative space. It was all I could do not to buy this piece.As you can see, his prices are very reasonable.

There are many eye pleasing vignettes in his store, each lovingly done. How cute are these orange vases?

Dig this coffee table with sunken section for plants!  Love it!  If you need help decorating your place on a small budget - including art selection - you don't have to travel all over town. You need look no further than this small block on W. Market in Akron.

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