Friday, October 17, 2014

Mood Board Modani

Dear readers, I received a very nice invitation from Modani Modern Furniture to create a mood board using some of their pieces. I get many requests like this, but am often unable to accept. I'm very strict about whether a company fits my aesthetic. The clean, modern lines of Modani is a definite fit.

As you know I'm planning to move soon. I've been paring down, and having fun fantasizing about decorating a new place from scratch.  I will, of course, have clean lines. It starts with a great place to sit, then adding accessories. Artwork, pillows, lamps and vases. Perhaps a rug and coffee table. Clutter won't do. It must appear modern, simple and restrained, and yet, also cozy.

Starting with the sofa. I am in love with the White Phantom Sofa. It can be used as a sectional or split up to create a cute conversation area.

I love a low scale sofa with legs, especially with white floors. I like my furniture to look like it's floating on a cloud. The clean lines of this sofa make it easy to layer in your favorite pieces. My other favorite piece is from the Modani site is the Eko floor lamp.

The sensuous shape of the Eko satisfies both my addiction to lamps and my addiction to pottery. So that's where it started. I decided to take a cue from my recent wardrobe additions, and add a gray accent wall to come up with a cool bachelor pad for an international man of mystery.

Although, I think a woman could live here as well!  The low scale of modern Italian design works very well with Asian design.  So I decided to add my two of my all time favorites:  the Noguchi Akari lamp and the Noguchi coffee table.

Sources clockwise starting at left:  Noguchi Akari lamp, Eko lamp showed here in staggered sizes. Not sure if the Eko is available in different sizes. If not, it should be - it looks fabulous in multiples. Love the organic shape. Artwork is one of my photographs. A Brutalist lamp from Etsy shop owner We Love Lucite, adds just the right amount of edge. Man I love that lamp! End table from West Elm is the perfect place to stash coasters, corkscrew, remotes, chargers, candles, lighters, etc. Metallic pillows from Modani. Hot pink pillow also from Modani, because all rooms should have a pop of hot pink. Luxurious Mateo rug in pewter also from Modani.  Noguchi coffee table in ash. Silver ottoman from MoroccoDeco.

I couldn't stop there, I had to design a girly pad too. This pad is for the busy super model for those times when she needs to stretch out and chill. Perhaps she's even dating the international man of mystery. But you know what Virginia Woolf said, girls need a room of their own. Okay, I paraphrased. But the sentiment is correct. Sometimes you gotta put your feet up and enjoy an unapologetically girly space that's all your own. And even though it's girly, it's still gotta have edge.

For her place I've used the Phantom sofa in gray. Moroccan wedding blanket from West Elm, end table also from West Elm, but I would probably bling out those knobs with something like this:

from Anthropologie. Hot pink pillows from Modani, pink ottoman also from MoroccoDeco. Art on the wall is from Lime Crime.  I think these pieces would look great in the loft apartment I featured below. A girl can dream, right?

Check out Modani Modern Furniture's website here.  If you'd like to see their pieces in person, here is a link to their store locations.


Jessie said...

That coffee table!!!!!

Peggy said...

@Jessie - I know, right? I have been in love with that coffee table since the 70s. Which is why I tend not to have a coffee table. If it can't be the Noguchi, then why bother? lol


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