Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Denver Calling

Dear readers, I know I am going to move. And soon. I just don't know where yet. I've investigated a lot of sublets in Denver and Portland. Many of the homes I looked at were out of my price range. I don't need to tell you, but it's really difficult to survive in this economy on only one income. I'm trying not get discouraged. Nonetheless, I know a move is coming for me, so I have been preparing by simplifying. I plan to move very little.

Here are a few lofts I saw on Craigslist in Denver. The more I've perused airbnb and craigslist, I know I wouldn't be happy with a sublet. Too many rules. Apartment living is already difficult. But I did see some fabulous places.  Here's a couple.

This loft in downtown Denver has a fabulous art collection!

This is a tiny loft, but very cute. I love the mosquito netting around the bed and may steal that idea.

Ahhhh. Isn't empty space grand?  I cannot tell you how much I love this apartment. I saw this building when I was in Denver earlier in the year, and it's a great location. On a quiet street with lots of trees. After living in the hood, I definitely need quiet.

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Jessie said...

Well I know how hard it is. Going to Portland was very eye opening for me. I realized there were not going to be a lot of homes that we could afford even with two incomes, you know since we don't make a lot. So much for not buying a fixer upper. hahaha Apartment living is not for us. I hate rules and not having what feels like my own space. I hope in the end you choose Portland! :) Of course, I know money and timing will always be a big factor. Leaving Ohio and being somewhere that feels right is what matters.


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