Monday, October 6, 2014

Mood Board: Serene Blues

Dear readers, as you know this Fall I have been falling deeply in love with blue. It's actually surprising for me, and it started as an experiment in color psychology. I want to feel serene, cool and confident, yet comfy. I've been mixing all shades of blue, from royal and electric blue to periwinkle to the more green blues like teal, turquoise and aqua. So naturally when I saw this fierce design by Christian Siriano, I about fainted.

Okay, it's from his Spring/Summer 2015 collection, but since we are seeing it now, I'm using it for Fall inspiration. I know, I know, I've mentioned a zillion times that Christian is a genius. But what can I say? The guy is a genius! His use of color and texture is unparalleled for a designer of his young years. I mean will you just look at this outfit?  Sleek royal blue top paired with big aqua skirt, then add just the tiniest acrylic purse. Ahhh. She looks adorable. Where is she going in this outfit? Why to play the cello with the orchestra, of course. After that she needs a cute, little room to relax in. I've always loved designing rooms based on fashion, and this is a room I actually want.

When you are a magnificent beauty, you don't need to many things around you, but they should all be beautiful. Furniture is actually secondary to art. Start with a comfy place to lounge, add a couple of paintings, a vase and a fabulous lamp and you have a gorgeous room. Want more layers? Add a rug, a throw and pillow.

Sources:  Man dig that over sized lamp and shade. Formerly available at The Bomb Shelter. I would've snatched that up, but I wasn't fast enough. Blue sofa also at The Bomb Shelter. Gorgeous violet painting by Cheryl Wasilow, wish I'd painted that!  Blue tree painting by the fabulous Haley Litzenger. I need that painting. Vase formerly available from West Elm.

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