Wednesday, October 2, 2013

New Work, Vol I: Collages, Sculpture, Deconstruction and Vignettes

Dear readers, I am excited to reveal some of my recent work.  As you know, it's made mainly from recycled and 100% post-consumer waste.  Poster board and frames were obtained at Dollar General for a steal!  There is plenty of upcycling going on as well.  Detritus found on my daily walks also appears in some of these works.

Still lamenting that a guidance counselor talked me out of becoming a graphic designer.  This was years ago, before the internet took off (hard to believe I actually lived in that time, and actually got things done.  boggles the mind).  This grouping made using shipping containers, brown paper bag, jewelry box, sharpie markers.  I love the colors and the graphic punch.  Since I can't paint the walls in my apartment, I'm adding bold color in my art and accessories.  If I could paint, I'd do a gray accent wall!  Gray is my new favorite color.

The work over the sink is also new and is part of my lamp design series.  I've made a couple of prototypes and am now in negotiation with a manufacturer.  I loved this vignette, but as you know, I'm not much of a grouping girl.  I prefer art to stand alone without competition with too many items.

I've been wanting more organic touches in my apartment, so have been assembling sculptures from my rock collection.  This is a sculpture of a snail.  I love it!  All rocks, and the dried vine, were found during a walk to the Tow Path with my brother. Care to see my brother at the MetroPark?  Click here.

I decided the little snail need his own environment.  That gob of blue stuff came from the inside of an FTD vase, that I made the mistake of washing.  It hardened and is pretty interesting.  I collected some little twigs and painted them silver.  I've been wanting to paint branches forever.  Now I'm addicted.    Also  used the silver paint on paper that was part of packaging.

I wanted to give the little snail his own environment, which included a moon.  I found this huge earring in a parking lot.  Painted it silver too.  Had the silver dish in a cupboard.  I like this, but still not completely happy.  Maybe I need a little piece of AstroTurf to simulate grass?

I played with this wrapping paper.  Still feel like the snail needs a moon on his world.  Wasn't happy with it either.  Would make a cute rug or painting, though, wouldn't it?
I played around with cotton, to simulate snow, and decided to cover the snail and trees with a cake dome. Don't want them to get dusty.  I put them on a candle holder I had.  Love the color.  Used one of the collages above for the moon.  Hey, the moon and the ground match in color.  Awesome.  Turquoise moon and orange atmosphere.  Why not?  It's another planet after all.

It's really difficult to photograph the glass dome, but you get the idea.  I have the sculpture in my kitchen. Considering whether I should light it with fake tea lights.  You can get them really cheap at the dollar store.
I got really excited about the color teal.  So I didn't stop there.  Now that the sculpture is done, it's time to move things around in my apartment.  As you know, new art always influences my vignettes in my apartment. I adore deconstructing cheap lamps and turning them into vases (see previous posts here and here).  I've been wanting a Buddha statute, but am a believer in using what you have.  My copy of Feric's book does the trick nicely.  How cool is that bio-mechanoid Buddha in the lotus position?  Too cool.

I'm crazy about this teal color.  The lamp was already broken, so I didn't mind taking its guts out.  Also, it only cost me $1.50 at the Goodwill.  Here's a tip, however.  If you buy glass that has been spray painted inside (as opposed to cased glass).  Don't wash the inside.  The color is painted on and will fall right off, like a balloon.

I am in love with this teal color.  Don't you just love the colors for fall#  It seems I fall in love with color more and more. Bright, neon colors are all the rage here in the 'hood.  Also cobalt blue, gray, teal, turquoise, mint green and - of course - pink!

All images by Peggy


Jessie said...

So much coolness happening here! I love the snail. All the artwork is so pretty! I love it all.

Peggy said...

Thanks Jessie! I've got a lot more to share. Need to catch up on blogs. Looked at yours last night, love your whale watching photos!!!

kim. said...

WOW you are so freaking creative! It makes me wish I didn't work so much so I could do more projects around the house.

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

Necessity is the mother of invention. Your stuff is great. I know this guy that collects all those little plastic pieces that you find on the floor in clothing stores and in the dressing rooms. All those plastic things. He had boxes of them and was planning to do some kind of art installment. Not sure if he ever did something with it.

How in the world did you find PINK Palmolive?


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