Monday, October 7, 2013

Best Mascara Ever!

I'm obsessed with Project Runway.  I'm also obsessed with Pinterest.  I'm finding Pinterest to be a great tool for when I can't keep up with my blog.  What's that?  You've fallen behind in Project Runway?  Don't despair?  You can quickly catch up by checking out my Project Runway, Season 12 Board.  Bear in mind when you check out my board, it's all my own humble opinion.  Opinions are fun!  Fashion is fun!

One of the bonuses of Project Runway is the L'oreal hair and makeup artists!  I would dearly love to have them do my hair and makeup.  Okay, the ads get a little obnoxious on the website (I stream everything, no TV, no need).  Anyway, why do the commercials come on like a zillion times, advertising stuff that's already clearly shown in the show?  And why do they come on breaking the sound barrier?  I jump out of my skin every time. Thank goodness for the nifty PC remote I got at Radio Shack.  Plugs right into the USB port.

I think I'm going to barf every time the commercials come on.  Same ones, over and over and over:  1. Colace (yuk, I don't want to hear about your poop habits),  2.  Charmin (again, yuk!),   3.  Yoplait (is this the stupidest commercial in history - when the guy sings I wanna meet the cow that made this?) and 4. Abilify (why would anyone take this?  did you hear those side effects?).  Okay, My Lifetime Network would say the ads pay for the show. I don't buy it.  There's more than enough product placement and sponsors to pay for the show. (Lexus, L'oreal, HP, Belk, Mood, Parsons, etc,)  What does this have to do with mascara?  Nothing.  Sorry, I digress, my bad.

Anyhoo, I dearly love L'oreal products.  No - this is not a sponsored post.  (But I'd love it if you'd like to sponsor me, L'oreal.)  I was in need of a new tube of mascara, being the type who doesn't replace their eye makeup very often. I use a tube of mascara until it's completely dried out.  I know, I know.  Yuk.  When I shopped this weekend, it was a no brainer for me.  I knew I wanted L'oreal mascara.  And I wanted something to make my lashes look fabulous.

I opted for the Voluminous False Fiber Lashes.  And hey, can we talk product packaging a second? People who work in advertising, merchandising, marketing and branding are geniuses (see previous post on this subject here).  My new tube of mascara is a work of art.

Image by Peggy

And, oh yeah, it's great mascara.  This stuff makes your lashes so long you won't need false eyelashes!

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