Saturday, October 13, 2012

My Apartment for Today

I celebrated my birthday recently and my mom gave me money to buy pretty things for my apartment.  Thanks mom!  I was ecstactic.  Seems like it's been forever since I actually bought anything.  My mom knows I'm picky and sometimes our tastes differ. However, we avidly agree that that color is magical and has the power to cheer you up.  So my favorite cousin and I went shopping.  First stop TJ Maxx.  I admit it.  I'm addicted to TJ Maxx.  It has replaced Target as my go-to for cheap home accessories.

Here's a couple of pieces I considered.  I really love this ottoman.  It was made of a soft vinyl and I love the quilting.  At $24.99 it was very reasonable, but it wasn't quite the color I wanted.  I had my heart set on a hot pink ottoman.  I also considered this lamp.  Really cute shade, love the simple white base.  But, I have my heart set on a very retro looking over sized lamp.  I know I'll find it eventually.

Something like this.  I love the teal color, love the shape and would love to have an over sized lamp shade.  I don't remember where I got this image.  Probably Etsy.  From TJ Maxx we went to Burlington.  Where I got this gorgeous pillow for $12.00!

I've been wanting to add some chartreuse to my decor.  I think it looks lovely with the hot pink sofa cover.  The stitching is very beautiful.  I really haven't been a huge fan of patterned pillows, but Hilari Younger may have changed my mind.  I adore the pillows she used in the final challenge of Design Star All Stars (see previous post here).

I also found this cute ottoman at Burlington.  A little small in scale, but I don't care!  It was the last one so it was only $9.99!  Perfect color and it provides storage for my winter blankets.  Did I mention I love hot pink?

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Jessie said...

Your love for hot pink is no secret! LOL ;) TJ Maxx does always have cute home decor stuff. I look there often.


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