Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pink Accessories

Just a few more quick words before I wrap up our discussion of pink (for now).   I'm not sure why pink is such a hotly debated color.  It looks great with any other color, it looks good on everyone.  Pink is not a strictly girly color.  Pink can be used in a thoroughly modern and edgy way.  You can never have too much pink.  There are tons of variations on this fascinating color, from light pink to hot pink.  Mixing pinks gives spectacular results. Still not sure you want to add pink to your living room?  How about a pink accessory?  A lamp, a vase or a pillow.  Pillows are a great way to experiment with color and textiles and can be changed easily on a whim.  Here are some beautiful examples. 

Look at his gorgeous origami lamp!  It's pink, but it's also very modern.  It would look great in mid century or industrial decor, just to name a few.  This baby would look great in just about any room.  And check out the rest of their lamps, they are fab!  Available at Studio Snowpuppe.

This happens to me all the time!  I see something I like on the internet.  Either I pin it or favorite it on Etsy.  I intend to order and then don't.  Who am I kidding?  Why am I always teasing myself with beautiful objects when I have no money to spend?  And truth is, I have enough beautiful things... but the artistry of humans fascinates me...or am I just greedy?  Why can't I ever be satisfied?  It is a dilemma.  Sorry, I digress.  That was a lot of wasted words to simply say that I dig the hell out of this pillow and I wish I had bought it!  Formerly available at idari.  Do check out her shop she has tons of gorgeous pillows in pop and retro designs and they are affordably priced.

Is this the coolest vase ever?  It is slip cast from duct work.  Unfortunately, I can't find the source for this vase.  It was on Etsy.  I have a couple of emails out.  Once I find out the artist, I will update this post.  This gorgeous vase would look so fab in an industrial loft.
Vintage hot pink art glass is hard to find.  This is a rare piece, and it has me swooning.  If you ever see a piece of hot pink art glass at a flea market or garage sale - especially if it is cased glass - you should snatch it up.  But be careful!  Watch out for those mass-produced FTD vases.  Only buy those for their beauty if you want.  Pretty things don't have to be expensive, but watch out they are usually not vintage.  I've been seeing a lot of Etsy vendors trying to pass off FTD and Ikea vases as vintage.  This image is from The End of History, and if you don't follow their blog - you should.

I love how these gorgeous vases are feminine, modern and edgy.  Love that unexpected pop of hot pink.  I think every room needs a hit of hot pink, and here's a great way to add it.  Designed by Hanna Tonek Bonnett.
Hot pink, gray, black and white.  One of my favorite color schemes.  This gorgeous pillow is from Urban Outfitters and is aptly named Magical Thinking Mystic pillow.  Remember this room from the CB2 catalog that I featured recently?  This pillow would look great in this room.  Or it could be used in a neutral room to provide a pop.  Either way you can't go wrong with pink.  Use a little or use a lot.

I'd love to see how you use pink in your home.  If you'd like to be featured on this blog, send me an email.

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