Monday, October 15, 2012

New Stuff: Hello Kitty, McDonald's and Soup Cans

My nephews and I recently went to the flea market.  Look what I found!  This adorable Hello Kitty toy!  It's been so long since I bought a toy.  She's so cute!  She's wearing a chef hat, apron and scarf.  And she's holding a hamburger!  Can you believe she only cost $1.00!

Do you remember Speedee, McDonald's first mascot?  She reminds of him, which I think is awesome.  I love vintage mascots and logos.
Image and history of Speedee via Retro  My mom and I recently ate lunch at McDonald's.  It sure has changed since I was a kid.

It's not the drive up I remember!  This one was a little over designed, but still cute.  I do appreciate the attempt to bring beauty to the masses.  I want the acrylic chairs in the first picture, they would look great pulled up to the counter in my kitchen.  Acrylic chairs are perfect for small places as they take up no visual weight.  I'd also love to have that white chair.

Here's some new stuff in my apartment.  The soup cans are another very fine gift from my sister-in-law.  Andy Warhol 50th anniversary soup cans from Target.  I love them.  I can't seem to decide how to decorate this little spot in my apartment.  I change it every couple days.  Here's it's current display:

The black vase is another birthday gift from my sister-in-law (she also bought me the pink Ikea bud vase a while ago).  She buys me the best gifts and I have them all over my apartment.  I'm so lucky she has great taste!  Dear readers, which vignette do you prefer?

All photos (except Speedee cup) by Peggy

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Jessie said...

I like the second one better. I love the orchid in the vase. That white chair is beautiful. I would love to have some furniture like that also.


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