Thursday, September 13, 2012

Old News

I know this post is woefully late, but did you watch Design Star All Stars?  It was great fun, and even though it was only four episodes, it eased the pain of the Design Star season ending.  I was happy to see some of the designers for a second time.  Although I must say that I disagreed with the judge's decision to crown Leslie as champion.  I think Hilari Younger was a clear stand out throughout the competition.  Hilari exhibited constant growth both in her designs and behind the camera.  I imagine we will see more of her, and I'm sure she'll get her own TV show soon.  If not on HGTV, then someone will scoop her up for sure.  Her personality is so likable and her style glamorous.  For the finale, the designers had to design a room, including sleeping space, in a home made of repurposed shipping crates.  I am endlessly fascinated by alternative, green and sustainable housing solutions so I love this challenge!  Here is Hilari's design.

This is Hilari's glamorous interpretation of mid century modern.  I love it!  I especially love the book case.  It divides the space, but still gives the look of being open.  There's a few little tweaks I'd make.  I love the color, but may have opted for only an accent wall in this color since it's so strong.  Also notice the floor area to the right of the sofa.  What is that basket and plant doing there?  They both have to go.  This is something I see on HGTV a lot and it drives me crazy!  You need room to walk, especially in a small space.  I'd also lose the vases on the coffee table, I like a coffee table unencumbered.   Plus that table is so gorgeous I think it should stand on its own without competition from those vases.  But all in all a gorgeous room. 

What is that diagonal rug doing there?  Definitely needs edited out.

Love the bookcases and love the pillows!  I'm not usually one for mixing patterns, but I love the way Hilari has done it here.  Here is the outside of Hilari's container.

Fabulous!  She is the only one who actually expanded the living space by thoughtfully designing a comfortable place to sit outside.  For that alone she should have taken the win. See another of Hilari's fab designs here.  Leslie took home the prize.  I love Leslie's personality, but not her style so much.  However, I have to give Leslie props for the hanging lamp she chose for the first challenge.  

Gorgeous!  One of my favorite parts about Design Star is the lamps!  See previous post with more fab lamps here and here. I probably should have done a post devoted to the fab lamps seen on Design Star.  

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belledame said...

i really loved hilari's final room too. i don't think i would have gone with such a warm wall color. i would have chosen a mauve on the purple side to make the walls recede.


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