Saturday, April 19, 2014

Spring Cleaning

Hello dear readers!  How are you doing on this beautiful day?  I know it's a crime to be inside on a gorgeous day like today, but I've been a little under the weather and in deep hibernation mode.  I've needed a little time to unplug.  Don't you feel that way sometimes? I may take the summer off completely....not sure. I am daydreaming a lot.  Such a joy. My thoughts are of Buddhism, nature, tiny houses and, of course, pottery. I am also thinking of taking a trip to Portland.

My humble little apartment is finally starting to feel like a home....just as I am thinking of moving, lol! I am grateful for the energy I feel today (and for my perfect cup of Colombian coffee).  A lot has changed in my place over the Winter.  This apartment has spoken to me and is taking on its own character.  I'm kind of surprised to see an almost island resort paradise emerging.  There is, of course, lots of retro and Asian influences. There's also some Moroccan, Bohemian and romantic influences.  I am still having my feverish, passionate love affair with color - but you might be surprised not to see as much pink as you have seen in the past.  Not a divorce, merely a respite. I still dearly love pink.

The next few posts may seem a little random, but I'm going to show you what's been going on in my beloved space. I am so grateful for this space, I thank God everyday. Personal space is very important to me.  Virginia Woolfe was so right when she said women need a room of their own.

Here's some new stuff in my place. As you know, old stuff goes out before anything new comes in. I like the feeling of recycling. If I want a new vase, I either sell, gift or donate an old one. I do worry that I have too much stuff, especially since I am thinking of building a tiny house. The apartment is feeling complete, and that makes bringing anything new in so much less tempting.  Although humans do make such beautiful things, don't they?

I bought a couple of plants!  Aren't they sweet?  I've been so scared to buy plants, I kill everything and it breaks my heart. The difference is now we have this lovely tool called YouTube and you can learn anything there!  I tried to pick up a couple of easy care plants, but lately I have my eye on an orchid and a bonsai...oh dear.

What made me finally take the plunge on a couple of of plants is Eva's beautiful and serene attic apartment.


Eva's Sense of Clarity via Apartment Therapy.  I adore the way she has used plants as an integral part of her environment. She helped me to realize that plants - like any living thing - are a commitment. And though, I admire her level of commitment, I don't want that big of a commitment.  So - I am committing myself to two little plants and we'll see how it goes. I am a nature lover, but I think sometimes I prefer to see nature in its proper environment.  Oh well, that's a post for another day.  I have been wanting more organic touches in my home.

This vintage amoeba-shaped dish fit the bill nicely.  And only 99 cents at the Goodwill.  Score!

I'm in love with my new deceptively simple painting.

I'm still loving this monotone blue room from House Beautiful's March 2010 edition  So tranquil, and loving the various textures (see previous post here).  But I'm also still dreaming of the Prada-inspired jewel tones of my favorite Domino cover.

I know I've shown you this cover many times, but I just can't get it out of my mind.  Love that royal blue sofa.  Love the global influences.

Here's another new accessory.  Cute yellow glass vase.  I am hooked on the genie shape.  I can't decide whether I want to go with a hot pink....

or turquoise sofa cover.  I am really digging turquoise.  I think I might really be a homebody, and I love making something out of nothing.  Of course, I am listening to music while cleaning.  Today I'm digging me some Drake.

Started from the Bottom.  Warning:  Explicit language.  Also, here's a hint:  skip from about :57 to 2:17 - major snooze.  Not sure why they interupted the flow like that.  But the rest is dope.

Take care. This one is the dreamy, tender side of Drake.

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