Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Future Vintage

I don't use a lot of mass produced items in my home. Most of my pieces are second hand, flea market and vintage finds. I don't rely on Target nearly as much as I used to. However, I still like to mix in some fresh new pieces, and I'm not shy of a knock off. When I purchased my oh joy! ice bucket recently, I realized that I had a little collection of Target limited edition pieces:  a turquoise bread box holds tea, a hot pink tray and the new ice bucket look fabulous together. I love the simplicity and geometry of the pieces together and I love their color story.  And even though I don't like items to look mass produced, I do believe beautiful design is for everyone.

In contemplating these pieces, I began to think of things that I see in vintage stores that I remember having.  It's strange to me to see things from the 80s and 90s considered vintage! It occurs to me that one day these pieces will also be vintage! Time flies so fast it boggles the mind.

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