Monday, November 1, 2010

My Apartment, for today

Dear readers, here's how my apartment looks today. It's a humble, quirky attic apartment. I still miss my studio apartment, but I'm starting to love my new place and feel so grateful. I am turning my place into a work/live space where all the functions merge. Where there is no separation between art and life. I want it to be functional and organized, but beautiful. Feminine, but edgy. Cozy but simple, and uncluttered. As I arranged I tried to carefully balance my love of my collections. I'm actually a little embarrassed that I collect so many things (vases, toys, rocks, art, lamps and pillows). Sometimes I miss the minimalism of my youth. I edit ruthlessly, but I still have too much. I want to display beautiful things, but I also want a simple, sparse look. I think my current style is retro mod Asian glam.

Living area.

Living area, different pillow arrangement. Not sure which I like best.

Work area. I don't have a TV or stereo, I do everything on the computer. I love Pandora and Netflix.

Alcove. I'm turning this into a studio with a seating area to discuss art with clients.

I adore the little salmon colored pillow.

Needs a little work. I love having the hallway to display some of my toy collection. Here's part of my Pokemon collection.

The bedroom.

The kitchen.
I hope you enjoyed this tour of my humble abode. If you are interested in the boring details of my creative process, please see post below. I'm hoping to settle into this apartment, and not change it around so much. But it is great to feel the creative juices flowing again. I'm working on several exciting art projects. Stay tuned and, as always, thanks for reading! xxoo

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Nadine said...

Wow. You've been very disciplined with your colour. It looks great. :)


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