Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Apartment - For Today

My apartment. It's humble, but I love it. It is my lab, where I experiment with color. Here is what it looks like, for today. I am gaining deep appreciation for professional photographers. My apartment is so small, it is difficult to photograph.

A vignette in surprising colors on a shelf. I adore the pop of yellow.

Buddha postcard from Thailand above crystal collection.

Dining area. The bed is now behind the bookcase, for added privacy. I need Splat Girl to come to my place and hang curtains from the ceilings.

Beads on a shelf. A new obsession for me.

What I'm reading. Very profound. Good reading for soaking in the tub.

Here's a secret I've never shown. This is where I blog. It's humble, but it works. I wish I had a laptop. I don't really like those paintings there, but they are part of a series I'm working on.

It is a marvel of organization. I keep loose papers in the orange tote bag. I dream of going paperless.

A couple of toys made by my sweet nephew, GG. I keep these on my desk. They make me happy and make me feel close to him.

Bauhaus bowls from CB2 corral clutter in my kitchen.

Flirting with minimalism in my living room. The yellow piece looks great with a tea light candle in it.

I don't really like the color of these sofas, which is why I usually cover them. But today I felt they needed to be free. I must be a leg person. I really enjoy seeing the legs of the furniture.

I've received emails criticizing me because my place always looks too clean (I have to laugh at that - you should see what it normally looks like). It's true my place is a marvel of organization, but it takes work to keep it that way. I don't like clutter and work hard to keep it at bay. I struggle with balancing a love of things with a love of minimalism. And I have a confession to make, I only photograph it after I have cleaned. But, don't look too closely at this picture. I didn't feel like mopping this weekend. I won't show you the bed - it's not made. You'll just have to take my word for it.

I love the way I can direct the light with my new lamp from Target. Three settings, and poseable arms. It's great for highlighting a piece of art or for when I curl up to read on my sofa.

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Anonymous said...

You're sofa's look very happy being free :-) Thank you for posting one of my pictures and writing such nice things about my house. You have a inspirering bog. I'll be coming back here to read some more!


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