Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Good Things Happening in Cleveland: Artist Justin Brennan

I'm very happy to be back in my hometown of Cleveland. A lot of good things are happening here, and a lot has changed since I left. The most exciting thing going on is, arguably, the art scene.

I recently attended Third Fridays at the 78th Street Studios, near my old stomping grounds. If you're in Cleveland you should definitely check it out!  I met a lot of fascinating artists, and one of my favorites is Justin Brennan.

Justin is a hardworking, prolific artist. So prolific that his art spilled out of his studio into the hallway. I spent a lot of time contemplating his work. I know it sounds strange, but when I say that his work spoke to me, I mean this literally. I could hear it. It sounded shamanic to me, like Gabrielle Roth or The Thievery Corporation, two of my muses.

I know it sounds arrogant, but dare I say that Justin is a kindred spirit. He has achieved something on canvas that I wish to achieve in my own art. Namely, simplicity, quickness of brushstroke, intuitive use of mixed media, movement and raw emotion. Justin is shy and humble when asked about his art, he doesn't over-intellectualize it.  I found this both endearing and refreshing.

I am not usually a lover of gallery walls in my decor, thinking they look too cluttered. But with Justin's art I would make an exception. So contemplative are his pieces, I could see them covering my walls and I would spend many hours meditating on them.

His studio is a work of art as well. I was so inspired upon entering his studio, I immediately wanted to move in and start creating.  Without further ado, I present to you the work of Justin Brennan.

This is my favorite. I think I need this.

More of Justin's work can be seen at his website here.

Stay tuned for more about the artists of 78th Street Studios.

All photos by Peggy for Creative Influences.

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