Monday, May 5, 2014

Something Old, New and Blue

I've been going through some guilt lately, because I've spent a little money decorating my place. Of course, I do it on the cheap and I barter, trade and sell so things always remain dynamic. As you know, I'm cheap. Cheap. It takes a lot for me to pay full price for something. Such was the case with my new Sultan Canister from Z Gallerie. At $29.95 (plus shipping and handling), the price seemed too steep. I thought I'd wait for it to go on sale.

I've fallen in love with art glass and love it mixed with my ceramic pieces. Well, I've waited and watched this item for several years. I never stopped thinking about it, and it never went on sale. Okay, it's not so expensive when I compare it to the prices of Blenko, Joe Cariati and Elizabeth Lyons (all of which I'd love to own).

Oh my, how we consumers rationalize our purchases. I sometimes feel guilty and greedy, but it can't be denied that humans make many beautiful things. I love the new decanter. It is pictured here with an old vintage barber shop bottle that I had in the closet. It was only $5.00 some years ago. I think the pieces look great together!

Okay, that takes care of the old and the new. I have nothing borrowed to show you today, but here is something blue. Super groovy painting of blue lady on velvet seen at vintage store in Cleveland. I did not buy it, but it tempted me. I gotta thing for blue ladies, don't know why. Does anyone know the artist of this work?  Kind of reminds me of Picasso's blue period. I adore her long neck.  Want to see more blue ladies?  Click here to see my pinterest board.

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Jessie said...

My friend has a velvet painting of Elvis. I never see velvet paintings anymore. They must be getting harder to find. Love the new vases. I felt bad when I bought my new shower curtain. hahaha I totally understand how you feel.


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