Sunday, January 16, 2011

Melissa Moss' Exciting Evolution

I adore the work of Melissa Moss.  I've written about her several times on this blog (see previous posts, here).  It is very gratifying to follow an artist's work and watch the evolution of their style.  On her blog, Melissa describes being in a "real funk" with her art.  She felt she was "cuted out" and she discovered black.  I feel a kinship with her.  I totally get the funk.  I am going through a similar process.  I am bored with my art, and I find that I love black and gray. 

Melissa's new darker paintings are remarkable.  They show the deepening of her thought pattern and a real sophistication.  I would like to have every one of them.  Melissa has taught me that you must trust the process.  A funk is not something to be feared, but part of the process toward birthing something great.  Congratulations on your accomplishment Melissa!

I want all of these!  Melissa's blog is here.  Her Etsy shop is here.

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