Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Evolution of a Painting

This painting is in honor of the full moon.

24" x 24", acrylic, glitter and metallic glaze on canvas.

For me, painting is all about experimentation. With shapes, texture and most of all color. When I am satisfied with a painting, I leave it alone. But some paintings become new paintings with layers added. It amuses me to think of the paintings that lie beneath the paint, like a dirty little secret.

Monochrome fascinates me. I fantasize about decorating a room in all white and silver. This painting would fit in that scheme. This painting is interesting to me on many levels, one being the texture. The other being how it changes with the lighting so it never looks the same.

Here is a photo of the painting taken at a different time of day.

Like the moon, this painting has gone through many permutations.

It started out yellow.

I added blue and red. And then obliterated it.
I enjoy obliterating images with white. I don't know why.

I added red. And then obliterated it again to end up with the final product.

I don't know why I do what I do. I just know I have to.

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