Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Chick Art, Vol. III

Chick Art is the theme of the week here at Creative Influences. No discussion of contemporary chick art would be complete without mentioning the enigmatic Kathie Olivas. Kathie's rise to international fame has been exceptionally rapid. She is, perhaps, the queen of cute and creepy.

This brings up a very interesting point for me as a curator. I find all art fascinating, even if I don't find it aesthetically pleasing. The act of creation itself is fascinating. As an artist myself, I know that Olivas is creating what she must. But why?

This is the first time I have featured work that I do not find beautiful. In fact, I find it disturbing. Her images of ghostly children with nailed up mouths are at once compelling and repulsive. I would love to discuss this work with fellow artists, but I could never hang it in my home.

Images from Circus Posterus.

Olivas obviously resonates with a huge crowd, her popularity cannot be denied. When Olivas has a show, it sells out immediately. Witness her current show at My Plastic Heart entitled Uninvited Guests. The show opened on October 17, 2008 and is already sold out!

Images from Olivas' blog (link).

Okay, I admit it. I find her character Winston kinda cute.

But I still wouldn't hang this piece in my home. Image from My Plastic Heart. I would love to hear from my readers. What do you think of her art?

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kim. said...

Her art is cool, but a little too odd for my taste. Your earlier post about Frida disturbs me more. I can't believe she is the subject of so much art. Unibrows, particularly on women, give me the creeps.


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