Monday, March 3, 2014

Painting Vases

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you already know I have the vase sickness. I prefer vases in simple, modern shapes and in a matte finish. I also love painting them. I haven't been buying many vases lately, as I'm trying to keep my possessions to a minimum.  Not easy - humans sure make a lot of beautiful things. I recently ordered a modernist vase from West Elm. The vase is actually made in Vietnam. I love Vietnamese pottery! And I've got a lot of Asian-influences going on my apartment. But I just wasn't happy with the rugged finish.

No problem. I decided to paint it! Since it had a textured surface, I could get away with sponge painting. I used Glidden Gripper for my primer.  I like to use interior wall paint for my projects because of its self leveling qualities, and Behr is my longtime favorite. This color is called Blue Surfer. I love it! It's influencing my color choices for Spring.


Unknown said...

Peggy it looks very beautiful, I'll be on the lookout for vases for you when I'm out and about.

kim. said...

it's gorgrous! great colour!


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