Sunday, November 13, 2011

Color Obsession: Pink and Orange

Dear readers, I may be moving yet again.  The Buddha was correct when he said the only constant is change.  Sometimes I wish I could get a point where I can feel settled and say, "I'm here!"  

Ah well, with thoughts of a new apartment come thoughts of my two favorite things.  You guessed it!  Decorating and color obsession!  I haven't even chosen my new apartment, and already I'm decorating it in my head.  I've been thinking of a color scheme I've used many times.  Pink and orange.   (If interested, you can see my previous dining room done in this color scheme, here).  I love pink and orange with yellow, with red, with violet and generous amounts of white.  Funny thing, as soon as I think about a color scheme, I start seeing it everywhere! 

Did you see the September issue of Marie Claire?  How perfect is that pink and orange dress?  Sarah Jessica Parker is perfection in this marvelous frock.  It proves pink and orange look great together.  As you know, I'm a fan of color blocking.
 Image by Peggy
Spent a Saturday recently at football championship games, and look what I saw!  These are the coolest football uniforms ever!  Just proves that inspiration is everywhere.  Wonder where I can get some of those fab hot pink socks.  Here are some pink and orange rooms from my inspiration folder.  Hope you enjoy!

Beautiful bedding and check that lamp.  Fab!

This room is a little over the top for me.  I'm still not really sold on wallpaper, even though it is quite trendy right now.  But I do love that sofa.

I'm not a big fan of pattern either, as you know I prefer big blocks of color.  However, this rug does work for me.  Maybe I prefer pattern on the floor rather than on the walls.  Or maybe it's because the pattern is still simple and there is a large amount of white helping the pattern not get too sweet.

Above two images Linnea Heide Art

I love large paintings on white walls.  There's an old decorating rule that your art shouldn't match your decor.  I'm not one for following the rules.  Sure, it doesn't have to match, but I tend to choose art based on colors or texture.  Oftentimes, the painting is the jumping off point, I often design a room around a painting.  I love these works by Linnea Heide, I could see them in the apartment I am decorating in my head.

Flor tiles via spruce decor

I am in love with Flor's ingenious carpet tiles.  I've been itching to use them in a room.  These pink and orange ones really pop in the black and white room.

I definitely want to experiment with accent walls in my next place.  I adore this coral wall.  Also really love that modular bookcase.

I am lusting after this totally fab pink coffee table!  Anyone know who designed it so I can give them credit?  Also really digging the color blocking treatment.


Jessie said...

Moving is a pain, but at least the decorating part is fun. I haven't seen my new place yet, but have lots of decorating ideas. lol I love pink and orange!!!!

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

Perfect timing because we MIGHT be closing on the 30th and I've been planning on what I'm going to do to Kelly's room and I decided on pink, black, white and orange! Don't tell her. In order to get free reign, I promised I would do something cool if she'd stay out of it for a week and let me have my way. Otherwise I could find myself with some kind of Twilight or Justin Beiber themed fiasco. So you've given me some inspiration. At first I was going to use melted strawberry ice cream pink but now after seeing your pictures, I think I should do bright pink. I will take before and after pictures. When you YOU moving?

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

I forgot to say, I LOVE that black room too. It's amazing!

Peggy said...

Hi Jess, it's going to be fun watching you decorate! I still think you should apply for Design Star at HGTV.

Hi Debi. Thanks for visiting. Fingers crossed on your closing! Can't wait to see Kelly's room, sounds divine! I am loving black more and more. I'll definitely be doing an accent wall in my new place.


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