Thursday, December 6, 2018

Color Therapy, Part III - Deep Purple

Dear readers, I did a little Christmas shopping at Target today. I don't really celebrate Christmas, but found myself in the spirit anyway. I happily contemplated a coral colored pillow that was on sale, and thought how lovely it would look paired with a deep purple. Then I saw this purse display and was smitten. I didn't buy one of the purses, but the color was now firmly entrenched in my brain. Humans sure make beautiful things, don't they!

As you know, I'm happiest when I am contemplating color. I use thoughts of color as meditation, and my apartment is my lab. I've been thinking about doing an accent wall in my place for sometime. Just when I thought I had settled on gray, now I am thinking of a deep shade of purple.

I realized I've been remiss  about writing about Pantone's color of the year. I like to keep up with their color of the year, IMHO they nail it year after year.  So what is their color for 2018? Ultra Violet, a deep purple. It's a synchronicity, that their color for 2019 is called Living Coral.  (More about coral in a subsequent post).

What I love about Pantone's colors of the year, is that they look great together. Both of these colors would look great with one of my favorite of their colors. Their color for 2014, Radiant Orchid. (See previous post here.)

When I think of purples, I seldom think of dark shades. I tend to prefer lilac and lavender. (See previous post here.) And of course, I think of Jamie Drake's designs. No one uses these colors better. (See previous post here.)

So Ultra Violet. Use a lot or a little. Use it in place of gray or black to create a sultry, romantic environment. Use it in a chair or a pillow for a pop. Pair it with hot pink or yellow. Just remember to have fun. Here's some inspiration. Hope you enjoy!

Deep purple paired with cobalt blue and turquoise, gorgeous!

In a minimal room paired with wood, beautiful!

It's fabulous paired with gray.

As an accent wall.

How fabulous is the Togo sofa in deep purple?

Divine! I wish I had this sofa in my apartment.

I love this photo! This makes me want to paint one of my doors purple. I love the color combination of purple, coral pink and yellow. Man, I want that rug.

Hot pink pillow provides a beautiful pop against the dark purple. In my opinion every room should have a hit of hot pink!

Have you seen the color palette paintings by Designer Ebtihaj Khan? I love them! Even though he stole my idea, lol. I used to do striped paintings like this to explain the color scheme in my apartment. (See previous post here.) Even though I don't think art needs to match your home, I don't think there's anything wrong if it does. These would look great in any modern or minimal home. 

I hope you forgive my lack of links. All of these images came from Pinterest. Ya'll know how to do a Google image search anyway, right? As always if you know the designer of one of these rooms, please let me know. Please also drop me a line if you decide to use dark purple in your decor. If you send me a picture, maybe I'll feature you on this blog! Happy holidays! xo

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