Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New CB2 Catalog!

I just saw the new CB2 catalog for Fall and I am swooning!  They have really outdone themselves.  I am feeling a little guilty about my greedy obsession, but I wish I could afford the following pieces.  They would look fab in my home!

Of course whenever a new catalog comes out, the first thing I look at is the vases.  I love the chartreuse nucha vase.  And I am loving vases that look like stones.  All in keeping with my desire to add more organic touches to my home.

Ya'll know I am a sucker for hot pink.  I need this hot pink side table.  And.  This yellow atomic lamp.  Too fab.

Here is a gorgeously styled room from the catalog utilizing the hot pink side tables.  I adore this color scheme of hot pink, orange and gray.  The gray and hot pink work wonderfully together.  The gray tones down the hot pink, the hot pink livens the gray providing a perfect balance.  I adore that rug.  Aptly named Pegs rug.  Little pun there.
Here is another gorgeous room from the catalog utilizing the pink side table.  I love pops of hot pink in an otherwise mostly neutral scheme.  And the ombre rug is to die for!  Ah, I should have been born rich instead of beautiful.


belledame said...

just got mine yesterday. really cute stuff. love that hot pink table, but it's too big and dense for my apartment.

Jessie said...

I love that pink table!!! I saw it also and thought of you. :) That rug is amazing in the first photo.

Peggy said...

Hi belledame! I am loving your blog! I looked yesterday for pics of your apartment on didn't see them. Are they on your blog? Or maybe your flickr set? I'd love to see it.

Hi Jessie! You know I love me some hot pink and in a simple shape. Even better.


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