Friday, May 21, 2010

I want to meet ... Antonio Ballatore

Like many of you design lovers I was about to give up on HGTV. The shows are boring. Boring! What's up with all the real estate shows? I'll admit I might be biased by my recent bout with unemployment and poverty, but I don't care about rich young kids buying their first home. I mean, a young single woman buying in the Caribbean with a budget of $450,000! I mean get real. Okay, I have to admit that Mike Holmes is cool, but his show is just about unwatchable because of all the commercials. Then I discovered a marvelous invention called On Demand. Maybe you've heard of it. Seriously, I'm a Netflix viewer so I didn't know about this. Stumbling through On Demand one day I discovered The Antonio Treatment. Maybe I'll give HGTV one more chance.

The show is hosted by fresh designer Antonio Ballatore. Antonio is totally hot. He's a kind, laid back, down-to-earth hipster. His crew are all hipsters too. I love that his English bull dog, Chewie is on set, and I love his relationship with his artist father. Antonio's designs are fearless and fun. There's a bit of whimsy, but they are simple too. After watching him do an organic zen design for a young couple in LA (episode 1:09), I scoured the internet for videos of him. Here's a really cool one where he redesigns a shop in Silverlake (link). It's awesome. Here's one where he does an update for a couple in love with 50s style, complete with turquoise walls, pink cabinets and blue fridge (link).
Antonio and I share some of the same design sensibilities. For example, I think almost anything can be improved with a can of pink spray paint.

Even a rhino head.

Or 50s style geese. I love the use of white with hot pink pops in this room. Love the brown wall, the white art glass vases and the silver pops. And that acrylic table, drool. It's funky and simple too.

Antonio and I also share a love of organization. Here's an office he designed. Again, really cool but simple too. I am in love. I want Antonio to do my next apartment. Antonio, can I come work for you?


Anonymous said...

I agree! HGtv has rich people in mind when they make their shows. It is refreshing to have an average Joe with a show that has amazing talent. I love Antonio and Chewy! HGtv needs more shows like his!

TSig said...

I am now intrigued and will have to watch. I have given up on most of the home channels as well.

Steven O said...

Awesome article! Antonio's design creations on HGTV Design Star and now, The Antonio Treatment, are real cool. His design creations, integrating artwork and out of the box innovation is amazing, and watching him collaborate with his great clients, crew, family, and friends is the best. Great addition to HGTV and would recommend to all.
Steven O.

Jackie said...

You couldn't be more right. He's really amazing. You can tell that he really enjoys every moment & aspect of these design projects. It's so much fun to see his visions come to life.Thank you & I share in your appreciation of his work. BTW,It shouldn't come as a surprise then that I too love Hello Kitty & have 2 cats. Peace

Anonymous said...

Strongly agree with you. Don't particularly care for couples buying 500K homes when 99% of Americans can't afford anything near that. Antonio is awesome. He inspires me to go do my own thing. Your blog is awesome by the way. BA

Anonymous said...

Love Antonio!! But HGTV had the balls to make him a Design Star but they don't have the balls to put his show on prime time!! What's up with that? He needs that 10pm Sunday night time slot. Step up to the plate HGTV!!

Second Hand Roze said...

I had missed several of the Antonio Episodes, so your pictures were a god-send. I think Antonio is to interior design what Elvis was to music. A complete destruction of everything that had gone before.

I'm completely with you on the enui of watching some yuppie choose her half million dollar condo (But, I just hate that sink!!!) Antonio is the best thing HGTV has going for them.

MODERN Prairie Girl said...

We are HUGE fans in our house. My 9 year-old kind of has a crush on too, I think :) He is such a risk taker, but eases the client in with care. I would hand over my home to him any day.

Great post!


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