Monday, September 30, 2013

Love your haters


Dear readers, as you know, I've been in deep prayer and meditation for the past several weeks.  I am happy to report that I am feeling better than ever, and have never been happier.  The intense introspection was painful at times, I discovered parts of myself that I didn't like, but with God's help I am working hard to eradicate those qualities. I'd like to thank my haters for causing me to pause, humble up and examine my life.  I have emerged stronger than ever before.

Also, out of this time period came a very prolific artistic period.  I started giving away paintings.  I never did paint for money - which is a good thing because no one wanted to pay me for a painting. I painted because I love it.  My only criteria for a painting was that the new owner love it.  I took great pains to be sure that each painting went to a loving home.  They are my children, after all.

I had been sad that I could no longer use acrylic due to an allergy.  But.  Clearing out the paintings felt good. I felt lighter and now had room to create new art!  And it doesn't matter what medium I use, as long as I create.  I create because I must.  It's that simple.   I've been very prolific over the past several weeks.  I could barely keep up with my various muses.

Over the next few days I will be revealing my new art, and the direction I am taking.  Then we will be discussing colors - aren't all the bright colors fantastic?  They look really fab tempered with gray.  One of my favorite color combos is neon coral pink and gray.  Also love mint green and gray.  Teal and gray.  Orange and get the idea.

Once we've discussed colors, I will reveal my apartment.  I have worked hard on my apartment to create a beautiful, edgy, girly pad that doubles as an efficient work space.  Not easy in 450 square feet with small closets.  Fortunately, I am resourceful.  There will be plenty of tips on organization.

Also, don't forget to check out my urban photojournal.  I've been taking a lot of pictures lately.  Politics aside for now, let's have some fun!

Stay tuned, cuz you're gonna hear me roar.

Katy Perry, you are fabulous!  Thanks for being an inspiration.  You go girl!

Happy Monday!

Good morning dear readers!  I had a great weekend.  Creative and restful.  I hope you did as well.  I have several exciting announcements.  But before we launch into that, pour a cup of your favorite Colombian coffee or jasmine tea and settle in.  Let's listen to the grooves of Bob Marley.  And what's better than Bob Marley? Why Bob Marley with Lauren Hill, of course!  Dedicated to my boo.  I miss you.  Who do you want to give some good, good lovin' to?

Happy thoughts for a Monday, indeed!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

A humbling.....


I have been in deep prayer and meditation for the last several weeks.  I went through a painful, rigorous self-examination where I discovered qualities in myself that I don't like.  I am endeavoring to eradicate these qualities. My goal is to live in a place of unconditional love and non-judgment.  We should never presume to know a person - we are each unique, complex individuals.  Each of us must bear our own burden.  We must recognize that everyone has a heavy load to carry, just by being human.  And by virtue of being human, we are each brave.  We can lessen the load for each other with empathy and compassion.  By doing so, we can make the world a better place.

I have learned to love my haters.  Some time ago, my son Luke told me he loves his haters.  I was astounded at his strength and wisdom, at such a young age.  We talked about Miley and Rihanna, and how strong they are. Indeed, said Luke, I thank my haters for making me stronger.  Also, if someone is hating on me, I know they are thinking about me and that I touched a nerve.  I pondered this for many long hours.  

Light bulb!  (as Gru would say)  Right.  If pain is a messenger to the physical body, then irritation or annoyance is a messenger to the spiritual or psychic body, not to be ignored.  Perhaps dealt with later when ready, but not ignored.  I've learned to pay attention when something makes me uncomfortable.  God is trying to get me to stretch out of my comfort zone (gosh I hate the term, so over used, lol).

Upon my emergence, I examined the email again.  I wanted to start a conversation regarding censorship.  I wrote the following on my facebook page, but received no response.  I find it perplexing that Americans are not outraged at the infringements to the First Amendment.  I hope you will join me in the discussion.  Remember, communication is sometimes difficult - but it doesn't have to be.  Don't be afraid to join in the discussion.  But I must ask, if you send me hate mail, own it.  No anonymous commentors will be posted nor responded to.


Dear FB Family, I'd like to start a conversation on censorship. I've been doing a lot of work on my blog, tyring to catch up. Like many bloggers, I am facing a dilemma of the direction to take. I'm an avid proponent of the First Amendment. Even if your opinion is wrong, naive, ill conceived.....I'll fight for your right to have it and express it.

So what of hate emails? Can constructive criticism, be just that - constructive? Or are the words constructive and criticism oxymorons?

Thinking about art classes, for example. Criticism can be given in a gentle, kind and supportive way. With sincerity and authenticity. I would argue, however, that simply to forcing your own agenda is not constructive, nor based in love, but rather fear. Fear comes from feeling defensive, and threatened. If I've threatened you by my recent writings, I do apologize, but...I'd like to humbly offer the following. When an issue arises that - for whatever reason - you are not ready to deal with. That's a message.

No judgment here. Sometimes when a nerve is touched, it's some time before we are able to process the message. Irritation is just that. A message. Much like pain. And it needs to be mediated on. The reason I have been in deep meditation and prayer over the last several weeks is a hate email I received, from someone I thought loved me. I do believe it was sent in protection of a person we love mutually, and I respect that. However, after deep meditation, I do not believe it was sent in humility and authenticity, but was aimed to hurt.

And hurt it did. However, as I was reminded in a previous post, if I am hurt, it's because I'm choosing to be hurt. I don't have to accept pain, fear, defensiveness from anyone. Not even those I love. And truth.....well truth just doesn't need defended.

I came to view the email as a technique used to silence me. And it was effective. I prayed for the writer, I was silent. Almost gave up my mission. Re-evaluated everything. I am even stronger than before. Also humbled, do not want to be arrogant or to hurt anyone. Want to love everyone. What I have is yours, if you want it or need it. If you don't want it, I won't hammer you over the head, I'll move on. But always in love. And there's no reason why changing the world has to be difficult work. We can do it with ease, humor, kindness and we can have fun! After all, each moment is a precious gift from God.

If you've read this diatribe. Thank you, and please accept my sincere apologies if I have been arrogant. Perhaps I need a humbling. I got it. Please continue to send prayer requests, and I'd like you to consider this:

Criticism - not aimed at mutual self improvement or higher learning - the kind that is used to silence. Is this not indeed a type of censorship? Is this not the type of censorship employed by the Rush Limbaughs of the world? By overstepping and intentionally using words as a way to incite, precludes the possibility of intelligent conversation. In fact, when we appeal to emotion, rather than logic, are we not trying to silence someone who makes us uncomfortable? And is this type of silencing censorship?

I believe it is. And I refuse to be silent. I will reconsider my approach, but I cannot stop now. I am God's servant.


If you've read this post, I thank you for your time.   If you'd like to check in on me during times of absence from the blog.  I can be reached at (Peggy Roberts 311.) (Love to all!  xo

UPDATE:  Peggy Roberts 311 is my Facebook handle.  I no longer use Facebook, it makes me unhappy.  If you'd like to follow my adventures during times of absence, I can be found at Twitter and Instagram @margiemax

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Beauty in the Mundane





Mini Vacay

Recently enjoyed a mini vacay to the Mustard Seed with my adopted daughter Haley, and my adopted son Christian.  Had a great time!  Can't believe I've never been there before.  Can't wait to go back.

Gluten free menu.
Manager was kind, and they kept our water glasses full.

Couldn't eat much, but had a great time.  Loved the side of avocadoes, the bass and the omelette.

Another smiling face!

And a musician too!  He was the coolest.

 View from the table at the restaurant.  Can't wait to shop!

Always clowning around.

 Purple peppers?  So pretty.

Hungry yet?  It's an experience s shopping there!  And the prices are very reasonable.
Haley  always looks good.  You know the kind, she looks like a million dollars after swimming.  Don't know how she does it.  Here she is trying on a necklace.  No brainer.  Everything looks good on Haley.

One of my favorite shops is here!

I know I look awful, I was puffy  red and feverish.  Haley did the best she could with my makeup. I keep my hair long, so I can kind of hide behind it.  A little mystery is always sexy.

Next morning, organic breakfast.  Taking nutritionist's advice. Here we have a yummy light meal of green superfood, green tea, hard boiled eggs, water, dates covered with coconut and pureed pear.  The philosophy of the Mustard Seed permeated my being.  Don't think I'll ever shop at Giant Eagle, WalMart or Target again.

Click here for Mini Vacay No. 2

Monday, September 23, 2013

Square Peg, Your Curator

Happy Monday dear readers!  I am feeling particularly well this morning, and hope you are as well.  I had a great weekend, and have been out for a walk.  This is my kind of weather.  As you know, I see colors, shapes and patterns everywhere I go.  It's a gift....and sometimes a curse as my mind is oftentimes too active and doesn't allow me to rest.  Not a complaint really, I am grateful for the way I see beauty everywhere.

Today beauty is all about squares.  I'm Square Peg, Your Curator.  Hope you enjoy!

Umm.  I need this bracelet.  Designer unknown.  Please contact me if you know the designer.   For similar bracelet, see 80s Purple.

As you know, I totally gotta girl crush going for Nicki the Shizzz.

Photographer extraordinaire, Halim Ina, vicariously meets my need for travel.  I need a print of this photo. Love shots of hands.  Turkish man holding vintage tobacco box.  Hmm.  Always wanted to travel to Turkey. Don't use tobacco, but would display this box proudly.

Look at this fab wall light from ferm LIVING!  Drool. So gorgeous and geometrical!  My favorite - shapes and colors.  Also some organic thrown in there.  Would like great in an industrial loft or a mid century modern home.

Image by Peggy

I was so inspired by the ferm LIVING lamp, I thought I'd put together some bright colors in geometric shapes.  Lately, I want to make everything I see into lamps....and I just might.  :)

The beautiful Sade.  Perfect music for a gray, mellow day.  This screen capture from YouTube.

I've been in deep prayer and meditation for the last couple of weeks, and the gifts I've received are many. I know some think me crazy, but I'm in love with everything and everyone.  I see beauty everywhere.  And if this is madness, then I am mad.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Saturday Night: Gettin' Girly

I'm so excited.... and I just can't hide it!  I'm going to a fab party in Cleveland tonight!  Woo hoo!  It's been a long time since I've been in my home town.  I'm homesick!  Remember Mazi?  The fabulous dude who let me tour his beautiful pad?  Well, it's his 50th birthday!  And we are gonna celebrate 50 years of fab-u-lous-ness!

I am hoping to meet artists that Mazi turned me onto.  Namely, Kevin Busta and Halim Ina.

It's been a long while since I've gotten all dolled up.  I've been considering my clothes, makeup and hair all week.  I really wanted to get all Nicki with it.  As you know, she's the shizzz.  Can't get enough Nicki? That's a coincidence.  Neither can I.  Check out my Nicki Pinterest Board.

This pic made me wanna cut my hair and dye it green.  My girl Haley says, no better get a wig.  Good thinking.  Any way, I love the makeup so much I tried it last night.  I can pull off a pink lip.  Fail.  Nicki is so much cuter than I am.  And she has professional stylists too, I guess.

I spent a ton of time on my hair this week.  I had a large tangle like you've never seen.  I thought I was either gonna have to cut it or go with dreads.  Took hours to get it out.

I thought about this cut.  Doesn't she look fab?  Nothing like a cute girly-girl in a comfy outfit.  That hair is not as easy as it looks, though.  it's dyed.  A lot, see no roots.  It's blow dried, it's straighted and it's teased. Great look, but too much maintenance for me.

Hmm.  I'd love to do something like this.  Luckily I talked with a girl at Sally Beauty Supply who had a hot pink dip.  She told me it's more trouble than it's worth.  It got all over her clothes, and all over her neck and shoulders cuz she sweats.  Uh oh.  What to do?  I do have some pink extensions.  Maybe I'll put those in.
I settled for this hair color.  It's close to my natural color, and provides great dimensional color and doesn't turn out too yellow, like many blonde dyes do.  It also makes my hair so soft!  An added bonus.

Wanted to add a little youthful pizzazz, so bought this temporary comb in color from Sally Beauty Supply. Glad I didn't go with the hot pink.  What a mess.  Cute on my hair, but all over my neck and shoulders. Yuk. Also the hair won't dry.  But I just did a small piece underneath so it's all good.  But won't be buying this again.  It's crap.

Smoothed this on my hair before using the straight iron.  Fab!  Hair feels so soft.  And dig the bottle.

Got some of this for after the party.  Wanna look fab in the morning.  Will let you know.

Think I'm gonna go with makeup inspired by this look.  Love the pink.  Wish I was this skilled with liner.  Love the fuchsia lips, but prefer a matte lipstick.

Wish I had this pink velveteen from Lime Crime.  Gotta keep a watch on the site, it's not available yet.  I'm sure it will sell out the second it gets in.

Settled for Wet and Wild 967 Dollhouse Pink.  Love it.

Nails are periwinkle by China Glaze.

Hope to have some glamour shots for you later!  Hope you are doing something fabulous as well!  xo


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