Sunday, June 16, 2013

Putting it all out there, Part I


Hi dear readers!  I hope you are enjoying your weekend.  I've had a wonderful, restful weekend.  My apartment is a mess at the moment, though.  Ah c'est la vie.  Sometimes you have to live a little and set your to do list aside.

Speaking of to do lists, I know I promised a glamour shot of me this weekend.  Sorry, folks.  I tried but had a bad flare up with my eyes yesterday.  And BTW - taking self portraits is really hard!  So I'll leave you with a boring art shot that I've entitled Gangsta P.  Ha!  I really do love my sense of humor, lol.

Lame ass, I know.  But it's also a statement on beauty.  That's supposed to be a cracked mirror, and the sunglasses hide my poor eyes.  Yeah, sometimes I have a pity party.  I miss eye makeup!  But, I won't give up. I'll keep trying.  I've received a couple of emails asking about my condition, and I do plan to reveal what the condition is doing to my eyes in a future post.  I'm kinda scared, but...

Remember the story about the woman with the tattoo over her double mastectomy that went viral?  (See story here.)  I don't know her, but I so admire her bravery.  Sometimes I feel a little squeamish about sharing too much, or putting dirty laundry out there, but I think it helps to let us know that we are all flawed beings and are not alone.  At times I find the human spirit remarkable.  At times of great suffering, humans are so resourceful and resilient.  I can only aspire to be as brave as this fabulous woman, but if I can help even one person not to suffer, then I've done what God intended for me.  Much love to you dear readers, lots of exciting stuff coming up this week!  xo

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