Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Making Art of Family Photos - Go Big!

One of my favorite rules when it comes to art is Go Big or Go Home!  This rule also applies to your family photos.  Clutter won't do, a bunch of little frames all over the place just looks messy.  So why not show your guests how incredible your family is by making large art out of their photos?  Here's some inspiration.  Hope you enjoy!

Rad photoshopped pic of the artists' soon.  Kirk's Amazing Memory via Apartment Therapy

If you decide not to go super large, you can make your photos look simple, clean and modern by matching your frames.  The Boo and the Boy.

Your favorite photo as wallpaper!  Too fab!  Love the pops of pink.  vtwonen

And don't forget about your children's art.  I love children's art, it's so free spirited.  Here is looks fabulous collected.  The Boo and the Boy.


Jessie said...

Great inspiration! I do still need something for over my couch. I will have to brain storm some ideas.

My Love Wedding Ring said...

These are stunning, I especially love the steps and legs photograph!


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